Pringles Sour cream sour and onion – Food delivery on Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa from McDonald’s, BURGER KING, KFC, etc. Доставка еды, пиццы Торревьехе и Пунта Приме-Ориуэла Коста.

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Pringles Sour cream sour and onion (165 g.) Price: 1.70€

Sour cream and onions have never been so delicious. The perfect combination of taste of chips will satisfy the feeling of hunger for a long time. The product comes in a hermetic tube and is ideal for sharing it with friends or snack at parties. Smooth slices of unique shape and the same size were packed in a cylindrical bank, which allows to achieve the maximum level of product safety during transportation.
The fragrant mixture of sour cream and onions, which you will enjoy to the most recent crispy piece.

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